Day after day after day…

It’s 7:41 p.m. PST.
An entire day gone by in a whirlwind of activity.
Meetings, phone calls, e-mails, conversations around the office, IMs.
Non-stop exchange of information.
Reactions. Elation. Emotions.

The need for a pause button deepens.
No reprieve from the craziness.
As I splash some water on my face
I close my eyes and let my mind slip away.

The hummingbird reappears.
And the chuckle of my friends’ kids.

I scrub the accumulating dead skin.
Brushing off the tiredness.
The demands. The deadlines. The pressure.
Disappearing like the micro soy granules
Into the sinuses of the sink.

I look at myself.
A streak of red

Brightening the tired kohl eyes.
A quiver of a smile.

Today is over.
Tomorrow is another day.




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9 responses to “Day after day after day…

  1. awesome picture, you look so amazing.. a californication.

  2. Some wise man once said ‘Don’t spend your time planning your next vacation. Instead, do something you don’t need to escape from’

    While that would be ideal, we still have to live in reality and meet deadlines. Beautiful post !

  3. It was good and picture is also good too

  4. Lovely…So true, I can so relate to it…That was my life till one day I said I can feel my life pass and the accumulated dead skin wouldn’t wash away…and like the gypsy I have become, packed my bags and left the city…in a few months it will be time to pack and leave from here..but atleast at the end of the day, I feel like a day well-lived..:)

  5. Okies…….

    It was good and picture is also good…

    Life moves around office only… 5 days a week..its always the same routine…


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