Pause button in life

Today is one of those days I wish I could just use the pause button. On life.  And while everything and everyone was frozen to play catch up, to get a moment to think, to analyze, to stretch my mind, to not just react …

Aren’t there times when you wish you could control your life with a remote? Rewind all the good stuff … maybe spend some more time relishing it … fast forward the ugly parts … pause at will.

We try and capture moments in time with videos and photography, relive them in our mind, smile and tear up … cherish our memories. But wouldn’t be nice to just get away from the whirlwind of activities and find solace in some quiet? When the whole world just comes to a standstill and you can take a deep breath to admire, appreciate, dwell …?

The only way I can do that today is take five minutes out of my crazy day and focus on writing this post. For me, this is the time when, in my head, I have put a pause on the rest of the world. For these five minutes I’m not thinking about impending deadlines, upcoming meetings, or the six simultaneous projects that need my immediate attention.

I can sit back, ponder, wish, and live in my dream.

Soon enough, somebody will interrupt this reverie and “life”  will be staring me in my face again.

What do you do when you need a brief respite from “this thing called life”?




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13 responses to “Pause button in life

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  3. Couldn’t agree more – and not just for the day but maybe for whole week. !
    But I think different stages of our lives need different buttons.While 20’s could do with slow motion,70’s could do with stop.!

    Good post enjoyed reading.

  4. I blog 🙂 well seriously, I do find blogging destressing. Connecting with like minded folks on things one likes.

    Gymming or walking is another option

  5. Hmm I always wished, and even my wife wishes the same… If only we could pause the time on a FRIDAY evening 😀

  6. I live each moment for what it has to give me. So I’ve wanted to go back or pause, I enjoy where I’m at even when things get crazy. Sometimes if I feel overwhelmed I just take a moment to breathe & think about my favorite place (The Great Smoky Mountain National Park) & just in the time it takes to breathe, I’m there & I’m relaxed & ready to deal with whatever the rest of the day has to offer.



  7. I could’ve used a pause button today, & yesterday, & the day before. Sometimes I go for a walk, just to clear my head. Other times I make myself some warm tea & think about…absolutely nothing. I definitely need to hit that pause button soon before I go nuts! Great post!

  8. I don’t want a pause button…. But sometimes I actually wish for a forward one.

  9. Mansi:

    I wish I could use the pause button when something surreal is happening like watching a lovely sunrise/sunset/breeze in a snow-clad mountain/gurgling waters et al.

    I don’t much think of getting away as my folks complain that I need to get some work done instead of lazing. So . . . I pause and work when I feel I am lazing around a bit too much 🙂

    Joy always,

  10. I have to step outside, even if it is 40 below here in MN. I have to step outside, see the sky and know there’s a whole lot of room out there, I’m not in a box. So glad you stopped to write this!

  11. I can definitely relate. Sometimes pausing is the thing I need most, but the thing I have the least time for. Pretty ironic.
    But, what I do during these times is force myself to stop, kind of like what you did. Even though I don’t have time, I have to stop. If I don’t, I risk going crazy. I think we forget to put ‘Rest’ on our to-do list, even though it is one of the most important things we can do.

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