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Gift for your baby girl: a breastfeeding doll

Yesterday, a friend forwarded a Huffington Post slideshow of the seven most inappropriate toys for children.

I was appalled, needless to say, but one that had me going “No way!” at the top of my lungs was this particular product: The Bebé Glotón breastfeeding doll.

Who in their right minds would buy a four-year-old girl a toy that teaches her to breastfeed??????? It’s absolutely atrocious!

And wait till you hear the tagline: “Because you shouldn’t have to wait until you have breasts before you start breastfeeding your baby!”


And just as soon as you develop those mammary glands, go ahead — have a baby. So what if you’re a teenager? You already know how to breastfeed if nothing else!

Is that what we want to teach our little girls? Have babies, breastfeed them and fulfill your mission on earth!!!??!!

I don’t understand how or why the manufacturers can get away with something like this.

Growing up, I never played with utensils or Barbie dolls — instead I got board games and Lego building blocks, but I saw the gender stereotyping where other girls my age would play a nurse or housewife and the boys would play doctors or engineers.

But this takes it to whole new level of ridiculous!

I don’t know if it’s advertised to be an “educational” toy but even if it is, isn’t four years a bit too young to be focusing on having kids and what your yet-to-be-developed breasts can biologically do? And it assumes that the little girl will grow up and want kids! And then breastfeed them!

What kind of education is that?

According to the comments in this San Francisco Chronicle report, these dolls were a huge success with sales hitting the roof and the supplies going out-of-stock within a month.

I really don’t see how this is appropriate, especially for this target age group. Do you?

Thoughts? Comments? Reactions? Outrage?




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Pause button in life

Today is one of those days I wish I could just use the pause button. On life.  And while everything and everyone was frozen to play catch up, to get a moment to think, to analyze, to stretch my mind, to not just react …

Aren’t there times when you wish you could control your life with a remote? Rewind all the good stuff … maybe spend some more time relishing it … fast forward the ugly parts … pause at will.

We try and capture moments in time with videos and photography, relive them in our mind, smile and tear up … cherish our memories. But wouldn’t be nice to just get away from the whirlwind of activities and find solace in some quiet? When the whole world just comes to a standstill and you can take a deep breath to admire, appreciate, dwell …?

The only way I can do that today is take five minutes out of my crazy day and focus on writing this post. For me, this is the time when, in my head, I have put a pause on the rest of the world. For these five minutes I’m not thinking about impending deadlines, upcoming meetings, or the six simultaneous projects that need my immediate attention.

I can sit back, ponder, wish, and live in my dream.

Soon enough, somebody will interrupt this reverie and “life”  will be staring me in my face again.

What do you do when you need a brief respite from “this thing called life”?



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