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F r e e yourself

Free yourself

Of expectations




Free yourself

Of limitations

Material bindings

Wants and needs.

Free yourself

Of ambition

A job



Free yourself

Of competition




Free yourself

Of order



Free yourself

Of  obligations




Free your “self”

From your body.

Be a stream of consciousness

With ideas

That take flight

And soar.

Free yourself

Just for a day

And live




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The three M’s

As I read Tony Anders’ inspiring blog post about the journey of a thousand miles starting with a single step, I was struck by this line:

I have found that for me, movement creates motivation, and motivation turns into momentum!

This sentence stayed with me. I had not realized that this is exactly what I have been doing with this blog until I read it on Tony’s.

I took a single step in reviving this blog last month — that was movement.

It has helped me become disciplined and write out my thoughts in a somewhat-cohesive manner. It allows for self-expression and motivates me to become a better writer, a more open-minded thinker with a less constricted worldview.

It spurs new ideas and forces me to think harder and longer. It provides me clarity.

And with my readers’ participation it has become an even bigger motivator — to share, to converse, to debate, to grow.

I hope, in time, it will turn into momentum — I hope I will be able to use my experiences here and harness all the good that comes out of this blog to write a book. I hope that the momentum generated, thus, will touch the hearts and minds of so many more people. I hope it will provide me with the challenge I seek and the satisfaction I crave.

So far, I’m hazy on the subject of my book, but I am encouraged to take on that project given the readership of this blog. It gives me confidence that there are people out there who will read the story I have to share. It may not be something unique, or out of this world, but it will have heart. It will have my voice. My perception of the world we live in. It will carry my story. I see it as one of those legacies I’ll leave behind — my words, my thoughts, my ponderings.

This is one step in a long journey of self-fulfillment. Thanks for being part of it and keeping me motivated.

Think there’s “the perfect” book idea for me? Let me know!



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