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Change is good

I spent most of last evening creating a new home for this blog.

I’ve wanted, for a while now, to have a special place for it that I could customize. Having had more than a constant month of blogging behind me, I figured I was ready to make the switch.

Some people have been joking about me having a mid-life crisis (what with a nose piercing and coloring my hair red in the last month), but I think these are just some things I’d always thought of doing and for some reason kept putting off.

Fear of change hiding timidly behind all those excuses.

Having a website was one of those “aspirations” and today I take the plunge.

By next week, I will have figured out a redirect, so any visitors to this blog can automatically be transferred to the new site without any clicking.

I’m initiating and embracing all these changes in my life.

Small as they are, they make me happy.

Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to seeing you in my new online abode.



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Spreading sunshine

Yesterday, Anahid presented me with the Sunshine Award — a ray of sunshine in my otherwise sullen day 🙂

The Sunshine Blog Award is awarded to bloggers whose positivity and creativity inspire others in the blogosphere.

Sunshine Award guidelines:
Put the logo on your blog in your post.
Pass the award onto 12 bloggers.
Link the nominees within your post.
Let the nominees know they have received this award by commenting on their blogs.
Share the love and link to the person from whom you received this award.

At Anahid’s gracious behest, here are my 12 “inspirers” in alphabetical order:

  1. Aine — The Evolving Spirit
  2. Beth — Hope’s Breath
  3. Bill — Journey to Joy
  4. Dave — Dave’s Buttoned-up Mind
  5. Jacqui — Uplift Antidote
  6. Jen — Loquaciously Yours
  7. Katherine — Lessons from the Monk I Married
  8. Ken — Oooooh… Shiny!
  9. Lena — The Colors Magazine
  10. Marcime — Belly Up
  11. Tirzah — A Clever Whatever
  12. Tony — Artisan of the Human Spirit




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I see wonderful things

With a kid’s eyes — colorful, happy, simple, fast.

With wonderment and innocence.

With awe and surprise. My eyes glistening, my mouth wide open, my breath short.

With a zeal to enjoy the moment. Live in it. And then move on to the next.

With equal excitement.

I saw wonderful things this past weekend at the California Academy of Sciences.

Thirty-eight thousand fish in vivid technicolor — personalities ranging from the quiet and reserved to the prancing and twirling show-offs; expressions ranging from the morbid to the ever-joyful; energy ranging from the languid to the sprightly. All beautiful in their own way.

I was mesmerized by the electric eel, the light emitting firefly-like fish, and the leafy sea dragon. Surprised at the agility of the water snakes . And kept retracing my steps to the glass fish. There were the five-year-olds huddled around the tide pools. And there was me.

It was a whole new world. And I was a kid who didn’t want to leave.

But on the other side, there were more amazing things to see in the Rainforests of the World: geckos, chameleons, frogs, the anaconda, and hundreds of butterflies.

I was transported to Costa Rica, Borneo, Madagascar, the Amazonian flooded forest. The smells, the sounds, the sights all teasing me — here was just a taste. A sampling, if you will. It strengthened my resolve to visit these places … some day … and to appreciate all the ordinary, yet so extraordinary, inhabitants we share this planet with.

To see the world with new eyes. To enjoy. To relish. To take in the beauty.

To see wonderful things.

Oh, to be a kid again.



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The iPhone — not just an idle timepass

Everyone knew the iPhone was going to be big even before it was launched. But when people started developing apps to simplify even the simplest of things, the rage caught on.

The story behind the iPhone-app-created cover image of The New Yorker’s June 1 edition only goes to show how far we have come from the days of desktop publishing. Don’t forget to scroll down and view the video capturing the image-creation from start to finish.

Retire now, InDesign.

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Would you like to join them for dinner, dancing and eternity?

Had to share this unique wedding invitation. Love the last line, “dinner and dancing and eternity to follow.” Zoom in.

Its an interesting story presented in a unique way

It's an interesting story presented in a unique way


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