My haven

It’s hard to take time out for Nature breaks on a regular basis, and even though I try it’s nearly not enough.

So, just as an addendum to yesterday’s post, I wanted to share the haven I’ve created in my workplace — every time I’m stressing out over some deadline or grappling with writer’s block, I take a deep breath and look at my little garden.

Makes me feel like Alice in Wonderland. Or Virginia Woolf.

The words come pouring out. Sanity returns. And all is well in the world again.

Or so I pretend.



The little voice still nagging at me in the back of my head — telling me this is not real.

But it is.

It is my reality in those moments. I place myself in this virtual world, surrounded by the things I love, the sights that nurture me, greenery that nourishes me, silence that inspires me.

There are no intertubal connections — it’s not the kind of alternate reality we’ve all become used to.

This is my Second Life — complete with an avatar.

Even as disembodied as it is, it’s tangible.

A miniature representation of my ideal situation.

A projection of my inner-most desires.

Coalescing in my head. A free spirit breaking through.

Perhaps, I need to get a plastic hummingbird … or two. 🙂




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12 responses to “My haven

  1. That is a great idea! I love all the plants!

  2. Great job Mansi!! This little getaway at your desk may be just what you need! I use to have a picture of the Smoky Mountains at my desk so whenever I needed to escape & reconnect I could look a the picture!!

    Hope it works for you.



  3. I love the idea.. i’m going to make my own little oasis on my small room.. 🙂


  4. Uma

    Hi Mansi,

    This reminds me of what I did a few days ago…I sat for over an hour in the garden, under a shady tree..looking at greenery all around, listening to chirping birds and the soft hum of a fountain close by…and thinking nothing!!!
    Yes thinking absolutely nothing!!!
    And i was like we forget to draw pleasure from such simple things around us…we are so bogged down by our work and expectations!!
    It is so important to remember such simple things and reconnect and rejuvenate !!!

  5. Terrific idea and great space you’ve created.

  6. Thanks, as always, Susan for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. I used intertubal to refer to the intertubes (here’s some background:

  7. Mansi:

    You can just get up and look out of your window, you can catch a humming bird (if it’s part of that habitat).

    The miniature writer figurine and the scrabble “writer” look adorable. Somehow like little Mansi sitting with the backdrop of plants — a haven, as your post is titled!

    ‘Intertubal’ — interesting usage. Isn’t it a medical term?

    The post read like an existential meandering and I was lost in thought mid-way.

    Joy always,

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