An inquiring mind

A couple of my posts in the recent past have triggered some “interesting” in-person/offline reactions — people have said that I am “too philosophical” or that I “want to live in an ideal world.”

I’ve been told some of these issues don’t concern them (or me, for that matter) and never will … so why bother?

Why spend time trying to tackle issues that will never arise? Why not just let things be? Why ruffle feathers? Why advocate for change when this is what it is? Why not just “enjoy life” and “take it easy”?

Why do I look for answers where there are none? Why do I keep pushing people out of their comfort zones? Why do I espouse debate?

They tell me to lighten up. To act my age. To have some fun in life.

I ask them: Why not just stop thinking all together?

What is the point of getting an education that stresses on using one’s critical thinking skills if you’re not willing to use them? Actually, what’s the point of education, even?

Why not just go with the flow, stop asking questions, and propagate the status quo?

Complacency is so easy. So is conformity.

But is that all we want of our lives? That which is convenient?

Even if we don’t really believe in social stereotypes, just shut up and assimilate?

Because it is what it is?

I ask questions because I have a thinking mind. I wonder, I fear, I suspect, I marvel, I doubt.

I seek to be a better person. I hope to be the source of some improvement, no matter how miniscule.

I don’t think everything is right the way it is.

And I think we dwell so much on insignificant things that those that really matter get sidestepped.

Those of you who read these blog posts and tell me to enjoy life: you are a privileged lot. You have the mental faculties, the education, and the opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of those who don’t.

So, to you I say, grow up.

I use my writing to probe. To analyze. To connect with a larger audience.

I am not about to squander it for posting trivia. I am not here to entertain. I am here to start a dialogue — even if it is with yourself.

I am here to express my appreciation of this life and the world we live in. I am here to comment on the beauty and the ugliness of it all.

I am here to be honest.

I am not sober and thoughtful all the time. I know how to have fun. But I cannot live the obsequious life. Or the smug life.

This blog is a reflection of who I am — it is a tapestry of many different emotions.

It’s like a car ride through different terrains. We’ll admire the natural beauty, honk through the urban setup, and even stop for ice cream along the way, but the journey is going to be bumpy and uncomfortable at times.

Hop on if you’d like to stretch those mental muscles.




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17 responses to “An inquiring mind

  1. sugandha

    writing was something that you were really good at from a very young age, i used to be surprised everytime you wrote a new poetry and showed it to me. The depth of emotion were so clearly expressed in words, that I was in awe of you.
    now we all have grown up and have started thinking about various things in their proper perspective.but still we need guidance from time to time. through your blogs you have started that and I find a lot of answers to my questions . but that is not the end of it more questions crop up, so do not stop writing just because a handfull of people have commented.
    awaiting for your next blog.

  2. lisa

    There is nothing i love more than a questioning soul. Those who do not give thought to meaning and purpose are missing out on some pretty spectacular things. Never stop sharing yourself with us, Mansi! I love to agree and disagree with you – it makes life interesting and relationships true!

  3. I agree that thinking is a must when we want to achieve something in life, to improve ourselves. It is what makes us human after all. Ignoring subjects not related to us and not think about them would be simpler but it will not contribute to our growth, will it? We should train our mind in order to be better.

  4. ajay

    Nice and thought provoking. Most of us have got this tendency to remain in our comfy world and neglect everything that’s happening to others. How can we be so selfish? The world has still so many disparities, such stark contrasts that it’s really a shame on those who choose to just ignore things and keep to themselves. Your articles will really prick their conscience. Thanks for writing.

  5. Mansi:

    A questioning mind always forces one to think and ponder and many times, I must say that your posts do that to me. If I have to visit your blog, I have to make sure that I have time so that I can meander and reflect on what you have written.

    I am glad that you write from your heart via the head. Stereotypes and followers are fine but honesty in one’s writing is what makes the blog stand out.

    Thanks for the niggling questions you evoke in my mind. Happy to have stumbled here. Quoting from King Lear, ‘I stumbled when I saw.”

    Joy always,

  6. A “real” inquiring mind is doomed to something like death if not death. Anybody who is living with any level of happiness is conforming. Here is an example for the day:
    Dr. Grigori Perelman,

  7. Tulika

    I’m so, so glad you write the way you do and believe me, on days I don’t read your post first thing in the morning, it feels something’s missing. Your ‘First impressions’ begin my day, just like the morning cuppa which sets the mood. I may or may not comment, depending on the time I have or the relevance of the words in my life, but they stir my emotions nonetheless. They make me smile (the green humming bird), ponder (religion of humanity), question (I’m my own woman)… or just give fodder to chew on. It’s easy to do/follow what everybody else is doing Mansi, but to stand out in the crowd and question steroetypes takes courage. Bravo!

  8. Your writing is always like the beautiful thistle flower – delicate, visual but it can poke. That is a talent and courage I truly admire. Continue to poke. Continue to poke us, poke me. Like the thistle, your words will fill the air and take root elsewhere within us. Keep me on my toes! Thank you.

  9. I suspect that those people who asked you to ‘lighten up’ were probably made quite uncomfortable by your questioning mind. They’ve probably had similar thoughts themselves but decided not to probe any further.

    It’s easier to pretend things are not happening; to play the part and play the game. When you start asking questions it takes you into strange new landscapes and ways of understanding the world. Sometimes, familiarity is so much easier…

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